You Have Breast Cancer! 2

You have breast cancer!

I was given this diagnosis eleven (11) years ago. To me, it was a death sentence because I didn’t know better.  And what did I do? The very same things others who are not informed about other alternatives do. I went for the conventional method of mammogram, biopsy and surgery.

That was something I would not have done had I known there were other alternatives. But I am still grateful that I didn’t put too much emphasis on the traditional, conventional method. I took a turn to do it on my own to decide what was best for me to heal and get my health back.

Education is key and this is where I will share what I have learned so you too will not commit the mistake of depending too much on the traditional method and regretting in the end.

It is easier to fool people

Educate yourself so you don’t get pushed on what is to be done that may harm you. When you do this, you have the power to say “No!” to even your doctor who may be ignorant of the real facts on the effects of the treatments.

Did you know that most doctors have inadequate nutrition education in their medical school? This is in reference to a survey conducted by the  American Journal of Clinical Nutrition.

So in essence, doctors could go wrong with their treatments if they do not have the sufficient education they need to help the patient survive from cancer.

When a cancer patient has undergone the traditional, conventional treatments, there is no guarantee that the cancer cells will not come back. It will if the source is not being detected and corrected. As I have explained in my previous post, cancer cells are cells that misbehave that can be eradicated with a healthy immune system through the process of “apoptosis”.

There are ways to keep your immune system healthy and here are 7 essentials:

1) Food Choices

There are specific foods that can strengthen the immune system to kill cancer cells and there are those that nourish the cancer cells. Foods like turmeric, cruciferous vegetables such as broccoli, ginger, green tea, berries, legumes and tomatoes are foods that induce cancer killing apoptosis. These are foods you need to have in your diet.

The one single food you need to avoid is that white table sugar! It is THE most nourishing food to cancer cells. Cancer loves sugar! And it is not only the food to avoid for cancer, it is the food to avoid to prevent all diseases. Sugar is a toxic food! And you must avoid it at all cost if you have a disease. There are other alternatives to sugar.

2) Detox

You and I live in a world full of toxins. Pollution, chemicals around the house, stress — these are all causing toxins in the body. Doing a detox regularly is a must to help support the detoxification pathways of the body so that toxins are prevented from coming in.

3) Balance of Energy

You and I are human beings with energy. To keep that good flow going exercise, sleep, relaxation, hormonal balance, chiropractic care is required.

4) Emotional Wounds

Let go of negative emotions and learn to love and forgive, especially yourself. This is going to be ongoing as long as you and I live. It will be constantly happening but keep working on it.

5) What’s in Your Teeth?

Do you know that what you put in your teeth affects your health? Your teeth are connected to your organs through your meridian system. And having amalgams (silver fillings) in your teeth is a no-no as it is a toxic compound. One of the ingredients in amalgams is mercury which is a toxic chemical. Have them removed and replaced with other non-toxic alternatives which your dentist can recommend.

6) Herbs, Vitamins & Supplements

Do not forget the wonderful herbs, vitamins and supplements that can help support the immune system and other systems in te body. A supplement that I normally take is CoQ10. Read about it here. When taking supplements, ensure it is from natural source as there are synthetic vitamins, supplements out there that do you no good.

7) True Prevention

Most often what you see or read about breast cancer prevention is having a mammogram. This is not really true prevention because mammogram is actually contributing to cancer growth as studies have shown. Here’s an article from Dr. Mercola citing that mammograms are of no benefit at all.

But what are true preventions to breast cancer? There are many and one that I’ve tried and found to be non-invasive is Thermography. Breast thermography is coming up now with breast cancer. It is used with heat in the body where cancer cells are detected even with the size of a pin head so that there is still time for the patient to get the knowledge and be well informed to choose what’s best.

I hope you find this post educational and informative. Please leave me a comment below.

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