I am so honoured to have worked with clients in my programs. Here’s what they say about the programs….

Detox/Cleanse Programs

“My friend Angelica Cabahug introduced the Detox program to me. Initially, I was hesitant to join because I was thinking that it is a waste of time and energy if the program does not work.

However due to my weight loss, high blood pressure and cholesterol problem, I was encouraged to try this program. I learned that some foods, which I thought good for the body are actually harmful.

Also, I discovered that dieting (or starving yourself, to be exaggerated) is not the best tool for weight loss, but rather eating the right food helps stabilize the digestive system resulted to healthy body.

What I like in this program is the support from Angelica, with the right information so that I can understand the effect of the foods as we put inside our body and the good follow up so we are in the right track as the program progresses.

I actually lost 5lbs when I finished the program and I would definitely recommend this program because it did work on me. The total success of this program relies on the continuity of what I have learned, and slowly changing my lifestyle.” – Helen D., BC, Canada

“I was introduced to the clean eating detox program from a friend who had participated in it last fall. She was looking and feeling great post detox and I wanted to feel the same way! She referred me on to Angelica and I enrolled in the Winter Detox program.

I had enough of feeling tired and bloated. I was unhappy with my skin which was prone to breakouts.  I have always wanted a structured program to get me started in learning about what foods affect me as an individual.

What I enjoyed about the program is that it ultimately showed me that what might be ok for one person was not ok for me. I was hesitant to try out the program because of the prep work involved and buying new foods, pantry items that I was not very familiar with. But today, I have to share that the prep was not that bad at all and basically if you plan things out ahead of time there is less chance of failure.

The results exceeded my expectations! I did not feel bloated, my skin initially purged out the impurities and has a more radiant ‘glow’, my blood sugar throughout the day was even, I had more energy, slept longer periods throughout the night.  I really enjoyed so many of the recipes and continue to make clean choices when preparing meals. I have shared my experiences with my family and friends. 

I encourage anyone to try out the detox as 11 days is achievable and has changed my way of thinking about the food that fuels me.  Thank you Angelica for your support and education throughout the program!” – Mari D., BC, Canada

I came to know about the detox program from Angie’s Mom, Belen, who is a good friend. She gave me a flyer and I thought it’s about time I  start eating healthy. 

There was no hesitation on my part to join the program because I was determined to remove all the toxins that have accumulated in my body through years of bad eating habits.

“Changes should be made “, I told myself. At first I was overwhelmed when I began reading the materials given by Angie. But reading each page made me realize how important it is to eat clean and to eat healthy. There were so many kinds of food mentioned that were new to me. But now these food items are what I usually have on a daily basis – chia seeds, flax, coconut oil, pumpkin seeds, apple cider vinegar, hemp hearts, etc….  “Who eats these things?”, I used to ask myself before. 

I lost 2 pounds into the first 6 days of the detox program. My tummy flattened a bit and I know that more of the unwanted flab will go away as I keep on eating healthy. Veggies are now my main dish with small portions of fish and chicken on the side. Fruits and sweet potatoes are my snack buddies now.  I have learned to eliminate fatty and rich food. Definitely my eating habits have changed.

I am now avoiding dairy products such as cakes and pastries as they seem to deplete my energy. I take coconut water everyday. It is not only refreshing but it gives me energy.

Looking back, I cannot imagine what kind of trashy food I used to consume and love. I thought I’d never enjoy my veggie salads the way I do now.

Thanks to Angie and this program I have achieved my goal of eating clean and eating healthy. I will surely recommend friends to take this program. – Ruby V., BC, Canada

I finished the detox last Sunday and thought I’d share.

I never stepped on the scale but several of my family and friends said I lost weight. My clothes are looser. I believe them! I also did not crave sugar or carbs while in the program. I figure if I maintain that kind of food choices I will eventually expel the preference for refined sugar and bad carbs. I’ve kept gluten free as much as possible and will choose where I want to splurge or cheat on from here on. For example, I was at Cactus Club few days ago and I ordered Salmon but it had barley on the side so I asked for more veggies instead and I chose for the lava cake dessert as my treat for the week. Thanks Angie for the detox program! – Vanessa D., BC, Canada

Finished the detox! Yay!

Feeling great and have lost some weight, too! I did not weigh myself before or after… but have noticed a significant weightloss on my legs and tummy. Bonus!

I made the shakes for the entire family and we love it! We will continue to have them for breakfast! The best thing to come out of this for me is that now the little ones are happy to go to school with carrots (yep, a whole carrot) to have for recess! They’re asking for it!! 

And… CJ and I staying vegan as our bodies are simply happier this way. 
For how long? Not sure yet…. But complimenting the new lifestyle with a vegan detox is awesome!

P.S. We love the recipes! Especially the chocolate pudding! – Lesley B., Sidney, Australia

“My wife and I are excited to join the program and was absolutely sure that it would make us in a much healthier diet. One of the challenging part was the grocery list. Since we were new to it. We did not know where to buy the stuff and realized that it has always been here and we were just ignoring it. We realized that we were paying more for our grocery but were convinced that it would benefit us more in the long run. At first we had a hard time not craving the food we were used to. But eventually we thought that it’s even much better and delicious and nutritious what we are eating. We feel much lighter and we hardly feel bloated any longer. We will definitely be coming back to it from time-to-time. The recipes are very easy to follow as well as the instructions. It has always been turning out surprisingly more delicious than what we are use to. And the best part is we feel more energized and more productive in the way we work. Thank you and we look forward to be coming into the Gaining Health Initiatives lifestyle. – Max & Nina T., Chicago, USA

I feel energized every time!! And I still have energy to join bootcamp twice a week and go gym 2-3 time a week! The power of healthy foods e.g. veggies and fruits is incredible! I’ll stick with my healthy eating. It was an eye opener for me as I didn’t know how to do proper/healthy eating but this detox program really helped me SOOO MUCH! I learned about what is good and what is bad like grains free, gluten free, probiotic, dairy free etc. THANK YOU SO MUCH for all the info and support on facebook! – Christal M., BC, Canada

One-on-One Programs

I joined Angie’s program because she inspired me by her personal success story and her passion to share the joy of living a healthy life to others. 

Having Angie as my personal health coach has been a great experience.   I was able to achieve my goals through her patience and guidance as I journey toward becoming a healthier me.  I’ve learned a lot from her; proper nutrition by incorporating raw and organic food to my diet, organize meal planning, food combining, reading labels, healthy quick and easy recipes, to name a few.  Some of the benefits I gained from her program were achieving my ideal weight and learning to maintain it, better digestion, feeling more energetic, improved food choices and cooking skills, better sleep and more… 

Thank you sooo much Gie for your support, your genuine concern and for being such a wonderful blessing!  I truly praise God for you!   Keep on shining your light to others…

Flora M., BC, Canada