When I was exploring on raw foods in my healing journey from cancer, I came upon this food that was foreign to my tastebuds. I saw recipes on how to make this in cookbooks but never tried making  them for fear that it may not pass my tastebuds. Then when […]

Sauerkraut! How good is it, really?

They sprout in my backyard and in your backyard! And this season of spring, you can see them coming out fast. They become a nuisance and a pest to a lot of lawn caretakers and even to you and to me (before I got to know them)! Just pulling them […]

Is this Weed a Friend or Foe?

fruit & veg
I love the cool weather and the sun…and Spring Season! Not too cold and not too hot either….and with spring, what comes to mind is “spring cleaning”. Spring cleaning the house, the garden and what else?…Ah!….I must not forget my own body! It also needs a cleanse. The winter may […]

Are You Eating Healthy Yet Struggling To Be In Optimal ...

Do You Ever Wonder Why Slow Eaters Almost Always Are Not Overweight? And they stay fit! I’ve noticed this in my family. My mother was being teased by her siblings as a slow eater. My aunt would always be told by my uncle (her husband) to swallow the food and […]

Do You Ever Wonder Why Slow Eaters Almost Always Are ...

It’s the end of the 1st month of this new year and I’ve been thinking so much about my health and how I can best make it as optimal as I want it to be. I know I don’t have all the answers to some of my ailments (I do […]

How Much Do You Know Your Liver To Give it ...

You have breast cancer! I was given this diagnosis eleven (11) years ago. To me, it was a death sentence because I didn’t know better.  And what did I do? The very same things others who are not informed about other alternatives do. I went for the conventional method of […]

You Have Breast Cancer!