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Are you getting those sniffles in the morning or a runny nose.... and perhaps a scratchy throat?
Are you feeling lethargic and depressed with the change of the season?
Are you confused with what to eat to keep you healthy now that the new season is coming in?
Or are you feeling frustrated that what you've been doing isn't working?

Do you want to feel vibrant and energized? Do you want to have that glow? That's going to happen when you've cleaned your insides to look radiant and glowing outside! Beauty radiating from the inside out!

I feel energized every time!! And I still have energy to join bootcamp twice a week and go gym 2-3 time a week!
- Chris

The results exceeded my expectations! I did not feel bloated, my skin initially purged out the impurities and has a more radiant 'glow', my blood sugar throughout the day was even, I had more energy, slept longer periods throughout the night. - Mari

Hi! I'm Angelica Cabahug, a Certified Holistic Health Coach, Functional Nutrition Coach and Raw Food Chef.

You've come to this site because you may be looking for solutions to your sugar cravings,  low energy, excessive weight gain or digestive issues that you've tried to solve for years.

This Clean Eating Program will help you find your solutions once and for all!

But first let me tell you about me...

I used to be heavier and was experiencing elimination issues.
I also had yeast overgrowth called "Candida" and was prescribed medications that didn't work.

Then I was diagnosed with breast cancer!

I had to undergo surgery and was told I would have to be given chemo, radiation and other drugs as a was heartbreaking! But before surgery, I found something that I never knew would bring me out of my health predicament. I immediately put it into use for 3 months prior to surgery.

Post-surgery, the news came...

The doctor said: "The pathology report shows you have negative estrogen receptors. You don't need chemotherapy or radiation or other drug medications."

I won the battle!

I was able to stay away from chemo, radiation and other drugs that I was supposed to have. 
My life changed from thereon. I felt better, healthier and stronger!

I want you to feel the same way.

I want you to win the battle!

Regular price - $187

Why should you take this Clean Eating Program?

  • Summer has given you all the natural sweet, moist fruits and vegetables to keep you cool.  You may no longer find them in the coming cold months and they may no longer sustain you when the season changes.
  • This program will jumpstart your metabolism, sustain weight loss and create healthy habits
  • You will be able to prepare your body to face the cold months by boosting your immunity and decreasing your internal inflammation.
  • You will also learn how to crowd out foods that don't do you good and bring in nutritious, delicious food to nourish your body

How Does It Work?

Phase 1

This is where you prepare your body and your kitchen for the detox. It only takes 4 days to do this. You will be getting the guides, recipes, meal plans, journal and other tips and tools to get you started.

Phase 2

This is the phase where you start eating clean, wholesome, nutritious food, eliminating those that keep you from reaching your health goals. This takes only 7 days (just a week) to do. You'll be implementing good habits for self-care. You'll also see reduced inflammation, eliminate toxins out of your body, restore gut health and overall feeling of energy.

Phase 3

This is the last phase of the program. You will slowly transition your body to taking the foods that you've eliminated in Phase 2 by re-introducing them back. This takes another 4 days to do it. This way you'll identify the foods that trigger inflammation and avoid them to get your health in-check and balanced.

My tummy flattened a bit and I know that more of the unwanted flab will go away as I keep on eating healthy. Veggies are now my main dish with small portions of fish and chicken on the side. Fruits and sweet potatoes are my snack buddies now. - Ruby

Why do a clean eating program in the Fall?

Fall is when most animals prepare for hibernation. The spring and summer brings life and light-heartedness. We get to go outdoors and enjoy the sun. We become free spirited human beings. Fall is the time to ground ourselves so we are ready for the colder months ahead. The season brings more grounding fruits and vegetables to keep us warm.

Cleansing when seasons change is one way of restoring your health.

What to expect in this program:

  • You'll be able to eliminate foods that make you feel tired and exhausted all the time.
  • You'll reduce sugar cravings and balance your blood sugar.
  • You'll surely reduce gas and bloating.
  • You'll lose weight and feel in control, balanced and rejuvenated 
  • Lastly, you'll get that healthy, glowing skin you've always wanted

What's included in the program?


  • Complete Fall Program Guide
  • Delicious, Easy to Make Recipes
  • Flexible and Easy to Follow Meal Plans
  • Calendar of Suggested Meals at a Glance
  • Grocery List


  • Daily Email Support During the Program
  • A Food Journal to monitor how you feel physically and emotionally
  • 20-Minute Strategy Session Upon Completion of Program

Is this program for me?

You're READY for this program if:

  • You've bought books and followed their protocols but aren't getting the results you want. 
  • You're sick and tired of following programs that give you empty promises.
  • You want to do the right thing to get your health back - even if it takes hard work!
  • You're ready to be in control of your health!

This program is NOT for you if:

  • You want to maintain your normal eating habits and only want to add a pill or potion.
  • You're just looking for a quick fix.
  • You don't have that deep drive to commit and take action to get better. 

Are you ready? Are you committed? Are you in?

If so, then sign up for the Fall Clean Eating Program. You deserve it!

Regular price - $187

Questions about the Clean Eating Program? Click here.

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