Are You Eating Healthy Yet Struggling To Be In Optimal Health? Find Out Why and What You Can Do About It.

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I love the cool weather and the sun…and Spring Season! Not too cold and not too hot either….and with spring, what comes to mind is “spring cleaning”.

Spring cleaning the house, the garden and what else?…Ah!….I must not forget my own body! It also needs a cleanse. The winter may have brought in some toxicity I may not know. Pollutants, chemicals and air that I breathe has a certain level of toxicity that may have seeped into my system…..and this requires some clean up.

And how about you? Are you spring cleaning your house too? Have you thought of spring cleaning your body?

I’m going to talk about food as it’s an essential part of living and surviving….Eating organic food has become mainstream that you now see them in grocery stores around the world. People who want to get healthy eat organic food.

And so goes the saying “you are what you eat”….

But is this phrase really true?

Are people eating healthy organic food, really not getting sick at all? So why do I see people who eat these foods suffer some heath condition? Is this really what happens when eating healthy food?

The answer is no! It’s what you can absorb that prevents disease, makes you feel vibrant and energized and healthy.

So let’s rephrase it to…”You are what you can absorb”… because you may eat the healthiest organic, non-GMO fruits and vegetables, the healthiest organic meats, all the superfoods but if your body cannot absorb them, they may just go through you starting from your mouth all the way to your bottoms where you eliminate and out of your body.

And who is benefiting from all that organic, good food that you just ate? It’s the sewage area. DARN!

So what should you do?

Here are a few questions I’m going to ask you…

Is your digestion good enough to be able to break down the food you’ve eaten?

Is it good enough to be able to absorb the nutrients from the broken down food?

How about this….

Are you having gallstones or gallbladder attacks?

Are you experiencing abdominal bloating, having difficulty digesting fats (the good fats) and constipation?

Are you having unstable blood sugar levels, skin rashes, food intolerances and chemical sensitivities?

Do you have hormonal imbalances/issues?

And how are you feeling lately? Tired, irritable, impatient, frustrated….and angry?

All these are signs that something is going on with your digestion. And could probably be signs and symptoms that point to your liver.

If you were reading my previous post, you would recall I was talking about the health of the liver and how we can bring it up to working at its best by giving it the support and tender loving care it needs.

In Chinese Medicine, Spring is the season that focusses on the liver. It’s also a time when emotions of anger are manifested. Anger manifests when the liver is out of balance.

There are many things that harm the liver…I’ll list a few here so you know how these affect the function of your liver:

1. An excess in eating protein harms the liver.

Yep, you read that correctly! Protein when broken down to smaller compounds produce ammonia. It is the duty of the liver to transform ammonia to urea so that it is excreted out of the body’s system. Too much protein stresses the liver to do its job.

2. Too much simple sugars or simple carbohydrates also stresses the liver.

Excess sugar in the body is stored in the liver as fat. Excess storage of fat in the liver results to fatty liver disease.

3. Eating too much enzyme deficient food harms the liver.

The liver also produces digestive enzymes along with the pancreas to be able to digest food that’s eaten. Raw, enzyme-rich foods helps the liver to give it a little rest so that it is not burdened to do the job of breaking down food to give to the cells.

4. Alcohol inflames the liver.

When the liver is inflamed because of alcohol and too much fat, it results to damaging its own cells causing cirrhosis. This may lead to the hardening of liver cells and its inability to regenerate or repair its own cells.

5. A lack of exercise also harms the liver.

Lack of exercise forces the liver to do the elimination of toxins instead of giving this job to the lungs and the skin.

So, as you can see, the liver needs to be given the attention and care it needs and Spring is the time to do a cleanse to support the liver.

I, for sure, will be doing a spring cleanse myself this season and might expect a little of that emotion to surface. Only a little and not too much as I am aware that it’s my liver telling me to clean up.

Let’s do this together! See what you get when you decide to do it.….your liver will surely love you.

And before I go… if you think it’s all liquid and potions and powder. You might be surprised to see that it’s not that at all.

So go ahead and take a peek to what the Spring Cleanse offers you or click the photo below for more info.

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